About Us

Incorporated in 1993, Farben Technique (M) Sdn Bhd has matured from a 100% local Malaysian-owned company catering to domestic demand to one with extensive export sales network, including South East Asian countries, China, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, and Korea. The company is well positioned to further expand its export network worldwide due to globalization and participation in various trade exhibitions.

“We Colour The World” has been the mission of the company since the very early incorporation. Our wide range of pigment preparations go into very diversified industries, namely natural and synthetic rubber latex products, dry rubber products, decorative emulsion paint, textile printing, polyurethane foam, NCR paper, as well as polyester industries (laminated plywood, solid surface and fiberglass-reinforced plastic), wood, and water colours.

Extensive investment in state-of-the-art Quality Control, Research and Development facilities has made the company well recognized by customers for being able to meet their demanding requirements, both in quality and new product development.

Well organized human resource management has seen the company grown to become what it is today, responsive to customers’ enquiries and efficient production to meet delivery schedule to customers. This is further aided by very up-to-date ERP computer management system. The company has been certified ISO 9001:2000 since 2002. ISO 14000 is in the pipeline.

“Never too small a colour for the R&D team to develop and never too large quantity of a colour to daunt the production” says it all for the way that the company conducts the business.

The most recent development in line with the worldwide trend in the decorative emulsion paint has been the universal tinting colourants. Investment has been made in various instruments and machines to ensure the colourants are manufactured to overcome the various problems commonly associated with such colours, especially colour consistency of batch-to-batch production.

The company is confident that the world is the market for its colourants, thus realizing its “We Colour The World” mission!