Pigment preparation catering to diversified industries


Natural and Synthetic Rubber Latex Products

Natural rubber and synthetic rubber (acrylonitrile butadiene, polychloroprene, polyisoprene, styrene butadiene) lattices products.

Products such as gloves (disposable medical, cleanroom, household and industrial), latex thread, swimming caps, prophylactics, sheeting, tubing, balloons, baby products, etc.

  • Standard pigments
  • Pigments for special tailor-make colours
  • Pigments compliant to USA FDA 21 CFR § 178 3297 and European REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations, RoHS compliance on selective pigments
  • Chemical dispersions, individual (sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators and antioxidants) and composite (customers’ specification and tailor-make to meet customers’ requirement on specific physical properties and processing parameters).

Dry Rubber Industries

  • Slab-form masterbatch with styrene butadiene rubber as carrier for miscellaneous molded and extruded rubber products such as mats, boots, swimming fins, profiles, etc. Also applicable for EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) products, such as foam sheets
  • Paste-form pigment with polysiloxane as carrier for silicone rubber products

Decorative Emulsion Paint

  • New – ECO friendly and VOC regulations compliant
  • New – Complex metal oxide series for exterior paint
  • Universal colourants for automatic dispensing machines for point-of-sales paint outlets
  • Standard and high performance series

Chipboard and Medium-Density Fibreboard

Medium and high density fiberboard, particle board


Carbonless Paper

Paper board, carbonless paper, amino resin impregnated decorative paper for laminates


Polyester Plywood and Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Polyester laminated plywood, solid surface, artificial marble, fiberglass, gel coat, button, etc.


Floral Foam

Insulation foam, foam for dry flower, rigid and flexible foam slab


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Products

Disposable and industrial gloves, boots


Water Colours For Children

Pigments conforming to EN 71:Part III Heavy Metal Content, and USA FDA 21 CFR § 178 3297


Silicone Products


Chemical and Titanium Dioxide Dispersions


Textile Printing

Research & development, production and quality control

  • Sophisticated and comprehensive facilities to develop new products and to control quality according to the most stringent standard
  • Great production flexibility to cater to all sizes of orders
  • Extensive inventory and efficient logistic operation to ensure on time deliveries always

Customer satisfaction

  • Committed to meet quality and specification requirement from customers
  • To deliver quality products to customers on time and every time
  • To add value to services to customers